Multi-Media Club

Multi-Media Club introduces LHSians to the digital world of multimedia. Multimedia is one platform that provides the opportunity to hone values such as perseverance and creativity as well as traits such as being independent in participating in the activities. Photography by the visually impaired is in the remotest of our imagination and most of us are unaware that they can take pictures and that they can be trained in photography like the sighted people.

This CCA encourages LHSians to enhance their creativity using computers, other digital tools and platforms. LHSians will learn to work with digital photos, images, video and audio files. They will also learn how to create posters, simple animation and videos. Photographs taken by them will be showcased in a photography exhibition at the end of the academic year.

Students with Hearing Loss using the
iPads to take photos of flowers
Mdm Noraini explaining to a student
with Visually Impairment on the
correct way to how to hold the iPad
for photo-taking
Mr Dennis showing a student with visual impairment on how to use a
digital camera with Mdm Noraini doing the explanation
Students with VI and HL learning the main parts of a camera