Drama and Theatre

The inception of the Drama & Theatre Club was well received by the teachers and students alike as it spelt Lighthouse School’s debut. The Drama & Theatre Club has a member strength of 16 students.

Acting is magical. Change your look and your attitude,
and you can be anyone- Alicia Witt

Desiring to stand true to what has been highlighted in the above quote, every student of the club is provided with opportunities to be what or who they want to be through Drama & Theatre!

Emotions are critical for acting and defining a character. So, the students are on this journey of exploring emotions. Through the exploration of emotions, students find an outlet to release their emotions in a non-threatening environment. Students are also provided with an avenue to understand the feelings of others through facial expressions, tone of voice and body language.

Cheer and group identity actions are greatly encouraged to instil in the students a sense of belonging and help inculcate team spirit. Performances at the end of every term are calendared. This is to give students a platform to show case their creativity, talents and to boost their confidence and self-esteem.