At Lighthouse School, our volunteers are our valued resources because they have helped to enrich the learning experiences of our pupils. 

We invite you to participate in making the lives of our pupils meaningful through helping our teachers in class. You may also wish to be a reader to our braillists at our Braille Production Unit.

Your effort will help us in the daily running of our school and ad hoc activities such as in administration matters or as guides during our educational field trips.

We welcome you as an individual or an organisation in this act of philanthropy to value-add to our pupils’ learning experience at Lighthouse School.

Currently these are the organisations that volunteer with us regularly:
1.  RQAM (Raffles Quay Asset Management)
2.  UWC ( United World Collage)
3.  Members of the HR department of Standard Chartered Bank
4.  World Ventures Foundation
5.  Singapore Telecommunications Limited

    (Please attach completed form and email it to